Welcome to Point Cook Therapy Centre 

Point Cook Therapy Centre is an established allied health centre in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne. Our experienced clinicians provide quality services for adults and children with varying needs and abilities to help them reach their full potential. 



Our speech pathologists help children, adolescents and adults with difficulties in speech clarity and fluency, language, listening, learning, literacy, feeding and swallowing, pragmatics and social skills, to reach their full potential.


Our independent psychologists support people to develop life skills to deal with parenting and relationship issues, mental health issues including anxiety and depression, conflict resolution, emotional regulation, perception and perspective taking.


Speech, language, communication and swallowing difficulties impact people of all ages in everyday life, affecting their social participation, psychological functioning, educational engagement, academic outcomes and vocational opportunities.

A person's ability to develop and maintain relationships, succeed at school, at work, and indeed in life, depends heavily on their communication skills, social skills, self-help skills and emotional and mental wellbeing. 

One in seven Australians has some form of communication difficuly. At least twenty percent of four-year-old children have difficulty understanding and using language, and over thirty percent of people post stroke suffer loss of language (Speech Pathology Australia, 2014). In 2018 Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect) revised its autism prevalence rates from 1 in 100 to an estimated 1 in 70 people. 

Depression is a leading cause of disability worldwide, and the Australian Bureau of Statistics estimating that almost half (45%) of the population will experience a mental health condition in their life time (National Survey of Mental Health and Wellbeing). 

We provide comprehensive assessment, individualised therapeutic intervention and counselling, parent, family and/or carer support and guidance as required, to help each of our clients reach their full potential, develop confidence, promote wellbeing and maximise the quality of his or her life, in line with our values of: