Speech Pathology
At Point Cook Therapy Centre, our founding member and principal speech pathologist has over thirty three years of full-time experience, having worked with thousands of families living with communication and/or swallowing difficulties over the years. 

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Our speech pathologists are committed to ongoing professional development, are registered with Speech Pathology Australia, and have special interests in working with people with: 

  • Delayed speech and language development
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Downs Syndrome and other congenital conditions
  • Poor reading, writing, and spelling skills
  • Stuttering
  • Pragmatics and social communication difficulties
  • Voice problems
  • Feeding and swallowing difficulties
  • Stroke, dementia, and other acquired neurological conditions
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We provide:

  • Diagnostic speech and language assessments
  • Early intervention
  • Articulation and language therapy
  • Social skills training
  • Literacy and learning support
  • Parent, family, or carer guidance and support

An initial consultation and assessment appointment is arranged to establish the need for, as well as goals, for intervention. 

With more complex presentations, a subsequent diagnostic session/s may be necessary. Assessments for Autism are always done as part of the multidisciplinary assessment for Autism and in collaboration with a paediatrician and psychologist. 

With young children, parents are encouraged to participate in the session and are provided with direct demonstrations and ideas for home stimulation, in order to transfer learnt skills. Length, frequency and type of therapy sessions offered depends on individual needs and as agreed with clients and/or their families. 

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We also provide specific diagnostic assessments and reports on request, for example, as part of the multidisciplinary assessment for Autism and/or for developing goals within an intervention team or as part of the process for applications for funded support at school for severe language disorder. 

Paired and group sessions are also provided, depending on the individual needs, and these include: 

  • Social skills for preschool, school age children and teenagers
Our Social Skills Therapy helps develop the person's skills to think about others and how to modify their behaviours in response. Sessions develop theory of mind, perspective taking, self-awareness and awareness of others, body language, the way we talk, conversation skills, and assertiveness. 
  • Social Readiness Programs
Our School Readiness Program is for children starting school who may have speech and/or language delay. Individual and group therapy sessions focus on listening, speaking, reading and writing and include phonological awareness/pre-literacy skills to help facilitate school readiness. 
  • Speech sound awareness and literacy groups
  • Language groups
  • Groups for adults or children who stutter
  • Groups for adults who have experienced strokes