Children who struggle to make progress at school with pre-reading skill (phonemic awareness), reading, hand-writing and/or spelling, may have difficulty with: 

  • Phonemic awareness skills (the ability to identify, segment, delete and blend sounds in words)
  • Identify and create rhyming words
  • Blend a string of sounds together to make a word
  • Separate individual sounds from words
  • Decode sounds in words for reading
  • Relate the sound to a letter shape and write it
  • Understand the meaning of individual words
  • Remembering a string of words and understand their meaning within a sentence 
  • Relate different sentences to each other
Listening and Auditory Processing Disorder

A child with Auditory Processing Disorder has weak auditory and attending skills associated with disorders like Central Auditory Processing disorders (CAPD), Learning Disabilities, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). It may coexist with conditions such as Autism Spectrum Disorder. The child may have poor listening skills, difficulty paying attention, difficulty remembering things told to them and carrying out multi-step instructions, or may be slow to process information. These may lead to difficulty using and understanding language, behavioural problems, poor reading and spelling skills and poor academic performance. Our Speech Pathologist helps the child to process auditory information, to listen and learn more effectively.